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DIY@DG | Dollar General
DIY@DG | Dollar General

Dog Caddy

Level of difficulty: Beginner

Get organized with this DIY wall-mount dog caddy. Store shopping bags for easy reuse for your doggie’s business as well as hang leashes and other dog-walking essentials from its hooks.

Let’s Do This!

Step 1:
A) Remove rope hanger from one of the pallet planks.
B) Hot glue the plank with the removed hanger to the bottom of the other. Reinforce the planks with more hot glue along the back seam.
Step 2:
A) Reuse an empty disinfectant wipes container.
B) Remove label from the outside of the container. No need to remove residue from the label, it will be covered with the template download. Tip: Remove container lid for better grip when removing the label.
C) Cut the top flap of the lid off using a pair of scissors.
D) Dry inside of container if needed and load bags into it.
Step 3:
A) Download and print template from a color printer.
Step 4:
A) Cut the printed template to size, following the guides.
B) Wrap printout around the container and adhere with foam tape on top of the overlapping ends of template. This is also what will be used to adhere your container to the planks.
C) Stick container down the left hand side of the pallet planks. Apply pressure to ensure it is adhered completely.
Step 5:
A) Paint the wood letters with acrylic craft paint. Paint the phrase “go for a” painted in white and “walk” painted in yellow. Let dry.
B) Paint wood plaque with blue acrylic craft paint. Be sure to paint all around the edges. Let dry.
Step 6:
A) Hot glue the letters to the painted plaque.
B) Once assembled, hot glue plaque onto the wood plank to the right of the bag container.
Step 7:
A) Hot glue two Command hooks under the blue plaque. Using hot glue, rather than the Command tape strips, ensures they are securely attached to the plank.
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