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DIY@DG | Dollar General
DIY@DG | Dollar General

July 4th Jars

Level of difficulty: Beginner

These star-spangled jars are perfect for your upcoming J4 picnic. They’re super quick and easy to make!

Let’s Do This!

Step 1:
(A.) Paint one mason jar a dark blue. Apply second coat as needed. Let dry. (B.) Paint three wooden stars white. (C.) While the paint is still wet, top with iridescent glitter. (D.) Hot glue the stars onto the front of the blue mason jar.
Step 2:
(A.) Paint the remaining two jars white. Apply additional coats as needed. Let dry. (B.) Using the width of the brush, paint two horizontal red stripes on each white jar. It’s okay if these lines are not perfect. Any imperfections aid in an organic look.
Step 3:
(A.) Using the jute to decorate the jars, create a braid or staircase pattern. Take a long strand of jute and tie in the middle. Create the staircase by keeping the left strand vertically strand while making a ‘4’ with the left and pull through the triangle that formed. Pull tight. Repeat three times. (B.) Hot glue each jute decoration to the rim of each jar.
Fill with coordinating plastic utensils for the perfect cook-out décor!
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