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Be Thankful Shadowbox

Level of difficulty: Intermediate

Why are you thankful this holiday season? Display this homemade “Be Thankful” shadowbox for your thanksgiving gatherings this year! As an extra fun activity you can even fill it with notes of what you are thankful for!

What You’ll Need:

Let’s Do This!

Step 1:
Cover the front of the glass from the frame with painter’s tape and trim the edges flush against the frame using the craft knife.
Step 2:
A) Draw a simple design around the edges of the frame with pencil and trace the design with hot glue. B) Be sure to incorporate faceted gems into the design and glue those into place as well. Be sure to remove any stray strands or dots of hot glue when it is cool. D)Spray paint entire frame gold and let dry.
Step 3:
Mix together crimson and black acrylic paint and brush over the now gold frame. While the paint is still slightly wet, use a paper towel to wipe away some of the paint to reveal some of the gold beneath, this will create a rustic, antique finish. (Tip: Add the paint in sections so you have time to wipe some away before it all dries. If you rubbed off too much paint, you can add a second coat and try again until you get the desired finish.)
Step 4:
Once everything is dry, remove the tape from the glass. Then Hot Glue strips of gold gems to the edge of the glass, creating a border.
Step 5:
Print out our “Be Thankful” template and position this under the glass, tape in place. Carefully trace and fill the letters with the gold paint marker.
Step 6:
Add fall foliage so it’s nicely displayed from the front in the frame and finish by covering the back with scrapbook paper and securing in place. (Tip: You can use the insert from the frame as a template when cutting out your scrapbook paper so it is the correct size.)
Make this a fun fall activity by inviting friends and family to write things they are thankful for on the leaves before adding them to the frame.
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