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DIY@DG | Dollar General

The Perfect Promposal

Level of difficulty: Intermediate

Use our Free Downloads to create the Perfect Promposal!

What You’ll Need:

Let’s Do This!

Step 1:
(A.) Print out the downloadable circles and hearts on a card stock and cut out. You can print the box top and base templates on regular computer paper, just don’t cut them out in this step. (B) Bedazzle the pink heart shape with varying sized round gems, covering the printed dots.
Step 2:
(A.) Mix a pink paint using the red and white and paint the letters to spell P-R-O-M (B.) While the paint is still wet, top with neon pink glitter. (C.) Hot glue letters to the disco ball circle (D.) Add a few of the square faceted gems to add a sparkle effect to the disco ball.
Step 3:
(A.) Taking the box template print outs, adhere them to the black poster board using the spray adhesive. (B.) Cut them both out along the black lines (C.) Using the red lines as a guide, gently score in order to fold the flaps. (D.) Hot glue or tape the flaps together.
Step 4:
(A.) Punch a hole in the middle top and bottom of each shape. (B.) String the silver ribbon through each one, making sure it reads properly and the ribbon feeds through the front to back. (C.) Carefully flip everything over and add hot glue to the middle of the ribbon on each shape to hold it in place.
Step 5:
Cut a little X in the center of the top and bottom lid and string the corresponding ribbon through. Hot glue the ribbon in place on the bottom half of the box and add a loop to the top half before hot gluing in place. Add tissue paper as the final touch.
(A.) Use the silver paint marker to sign your name on the last piece. (2.) Print out doubles of the shapes and follow the directions twice for a double sided question!
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