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DIY@DG | Dollar General

DIY Baby Banner

Level of difficulty: Beginner

A perfect banner makes for a perfect party! Make this cute decoration for your next Gender Reveal party!

What You’ll Need:

Let’s Do This!

Step 1:
A) Download the pendant and baby grow template and print out. B) Use spray glue to adhere this to the poster board. C) Spray glue to the back of the watercolor paper and glue to the back of the poster board. The two pendants are the plain paper. D) Cut out both pendants.
Step 2:
Repeat above steps for the two patterned baby grows.
Step 3:
A) Paint the large wooden letters in pink and blue. B) Paint the small wooden shapes in darker and lighter shades of pink and blue. C) Paint the small flower with white. You can use white glitter for more embellishment. D) Hot glue the small shapes on to the large letters.
Step 4:
A) Hot glue the large letters to the paper pendants and baby grows. B) Punch a single hole in the top of each corner of the pendants and baby grows. C) Attach ribbon through the holes feeding through the front and letting the ribbon hide behind the back of the pendants. Do this on all four. D) Leave enough ribbon at each end make large loop and tie in a slip knot at each end .
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