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DIY@DG | Dollar General

Dragonfly Wine Glasses

Level of difficulty: Intermediate

National Wine Day is May 25th! Celebrate by creating these adorable dragonfly glasses. Cheers!

Let’s Do This!

Step 1:
(A.) Use black puffy paint to make a small circle at central point of glass. (B.) At a diagonal angle, make a slightly larger circle above central circle and slightly smaller one below it to create body of dragonfly. (C.) Fill circles with blue puffy paint. (D.) Use black puff paint to create antennae and tail.
Step 2:
(A.) Use middle blue filled circle as starting point for large wings. Bring puffy paint outward to create oval shape and come back in to starting point. (B.) Repeat process to create smaller wings underneath large wings. Use puff paint to add detail to wings by adding lines or dots.
Step 3:
(A.) Turn glass to opposite blank side to create cat tails, a paper towel or napkin can be placed inside so lines in front don’t interfere. Make 2 long stems leading down to base of glass and a long oval at the end of each stem. Add small line at top of each oval for detail. (B.) Use puffy paint to add in small dragonfly silhouettes around cattails. Use small “X” as base for front facing silhouette and sideways “V” for body of side view silhouette.
Step 4:
(A.) Create stained glass paint by filling two spaces on paint palette with tacky glue. Add two drops of blue dye to one glue pile and 2 drops of purple to the other. (B.) Hand mix each pile of glue completely until it turns to a solid color.
Step 5:
(A.) Paint in large wings with blue glue paint. (B.) Use purple glue paint to paint in smaller wings on front and tops of cattails on back f glass.
Step 6:
(A.) Paint alternating lines of blue and purple down stem of glass to base. (6.) Use black puffy paint to add detail around lines at top of stem and around base.
To get the most use out of your decorated glass, hand wash only.
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