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DIY@DG | Dollar General

Felt Succulent Bracelet

Level of difficulty: Intermediate

Whether it’s for the prom or a wedding, this gorgeous succulent corsage will be a lasting keepsake.

Let’s Do This!

Step 1:
A) Print out the templates. Trace the Large Succulent stencil onto yellow felt; the Small Succulent stencil onto purple felt; the Accents stencil onto white felt. Cut out all the felt pieces.
Step 2:
A) Soak the felt pieces in water. One at a time, remove a felt piece from the water and lay it on a protective surface to saturate it with watercolor. Use a bright green on the yellow felt; a red on the purple felt; and an olive green on the white felt.
B) While the yellow and purple felt pieces are still wet, dab bright red along the edges. The color will bleed into the felt creating a fun look.
Step 3:
A) Hot glue a 4-leaf succulent piece on top of the 8-leaf succulent piece. Stagger the leaves.
B) Hot glue two more of the 4-leaf succulent pieces on top, being sure to stagger the leaves.
Step 4:
A) Snip to the center of the remaining 4-leaf succulent piece.
B) Fold the leaves over, one at a time, to create the center of the succulent. Tip: Hot glue between each fold to secure the leaves.
C) Hot glue the center piece to the lower leaves.
D) Randomly tack up a few lower leaves with hot glue to add dimension to the succulent.
Step 5:
A) Cut three 12” lengths of Clear Stretch Cord. Knot an end and string 25 Pearl Beads onto the cord. Knot the other end to keep the beads from moving. Repeat for the other two cords. Note: You may have to adjust the number of beads according to your wrist size.
B) Trace the Platform template onto a piece of chipboard, like the flap of a cereal box. Cut out. String the three beaded cords through the platform and tie on the back to secure.
Step 6:
A) Create a few Pearl Bead accents by threading Beading Wire through the pearls. Leave around a 2” stem for attaching to the bracelet.
B) Hot Glue the leaf accents onto the platform. Hot glue the felt succulents onto the platform. Finish the arrangement with the wired Pearl Bead accents hot glued in among the leaves.
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