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DIY@DG | Dollar General

Leaf Jar Decor

Level of difficulty: Beginner

Bring fall colors into your décor with this festive fall leaf themed jar. Perfect to be accompanied with poster lights or flameless candles!

Let’s Do This!

Step 1:
Draw simple leaf shapes onto color tissue paper. For perfect fall leaf colors, use a combination of orange, yellow, and red tissue paper.
Cut out leaf shapes. Tip: Fold and cut several sheets of tissue paper at a time for multiple leaves.
Step 2:
With watercolor palette, shade the edges of the leaves with a slightly darker color. For example, for yellow leaves use orange yellow paint, for orange leaves use red orange paint, and for red leaves use dark red paint.
Darken the center of the leaves with a stripe of the same color used on the edges. Let dry a few minutes.
Step 3:
Using a black ball point pen, draw a line down the center of the leaf.
Draw shooting veins that come from the center line and reach to the tips of the leaf.
From these smaller lines, branch out with some more shorter lines, similar to step B.
Add a few small veins branching from previously drawn lines to add the final touch.
Step 4:
Apply a thin layer of tacky glue to the front side of the leaf.
Lightly sprinkle some gold glitter onto the tacky glue covered leaf.
Step 5:
Before leaves have a chance to dry, evenly apply tacky glue to the inside of the jar.
Press wet leaves to the inside of the jar. Tip: Use a brush to help flatten the leaves.
Step 6:
Place desired amount of leaves on the inside of the jar. Feel free to overlap the leaves, for a more layered look.
Sprinkle gold glitter onto wet tacky glue inside the jar for an extra sparkle. Let dry.
Step 7:
Measure approximately 54" of jute. Amount may vary on preference.
Wrap jute several times around the top of the jar.
Tie a knot near the center of the lid.
Cut off excess jute.

For some extra flare, incorporate poster lights with yellow and orange tissue paper inside the jar. The lights will catch the warm colors of the tissue paper and give off an autumn hue.
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