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DIY@DG | Dollar General

Merry and Bright Canvas

Level of difficulty: Advanced

Deck your walls with this one of a kind home decor piece! Using painters’ tape, wood letters, and acrylic paints, you can create this beautiful canvas for the holidays!

Let’s Do This!

Step 1:
Step 1: Mix equal parts of white and black paint to create a medium grey color. Paint your entire canvas with the medium grey paint. Mix the following colors for the next few steps: • Medium Blue: Equal portions of blue, white, and medium grey paint • Light Blue: ½ White, ¼ Blue, ¼ Medium Grey • Light Green: ½ White, ¼ Green, ¼ Medium Grey
Step 2:
Tape off two large triangles at the edge of the canvas and paint with medium blue paint. Let dry 15 minutes. Remove tape and tape off two smaller, inner triangles. Paint these the light blue and let dry for 15 minutes. Remove tape and tape off a large triangle in the middle of the canvas. Paint this green and allow to dry before removing the tape.
Step 3:
Paint glue on each blue mountain tip with a paint brush and sprinkle with iridescent glitter.
Step 4:
Using white puffy paint, outline the mountains, snow caps, and center tree. Add a zig zag of puffy paint to the green tree to represent garland. Sprinkle everything with Iridescent glitter. Add small dots of puffy paint around the edges of the canvas to create a white border.
Step 5:
Find the wooden letters to spell “Merry and Bright”. Paint each letter with white paint and dip each letter in glitter while the paint is still wet. Let dry completely before the next step.
Step 6:
Hot glue the letters to your canvas above the tree and mountains.
Step 7:
Use tacky glue to add sequins to the garland strand and top the tree with a glitter foam star.
Step 8:
Add poster lights by poking holes in the canvas with the included punch tool. (We placed ours on the edges of the tree and one in the middle of the star) Push each light through the back of the canvas, adding hot glue to each light to hold it in place.
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