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DIY@DG | Dollar General

Snow Cone Garland

Level of difficulty: Beginner

Create a colorful and fun addition to your summer décor – and don’t worry, it won’t melt!

Let’s Do This!

Step 1:
A) Download and print the cone template located at the bottom of the “What You’ll Need” supply list.
B) Trace 10 of the large template onto white construction paper. Trace 10 of the small template onto the back of the foil papers. 2 pink, 1 orange, 1 gold, and 6 silver.
C) Cut out all the traced shapes.
Step 2:
A) Use a pencil and ruler to draw a line along the dotted fold line indicated on the templates. This will create a crease to make folding easier.
B) Fold all of the shapes on the pencil line to create a tab.
C) Add dots to the white construction paper pieces using the metallic markers. You will need 2 with blue dots, 1 with gold dots, 1 with pink dots, 2 with green dots, 1 red with red dots, and 3 with purple dots.
Step 3:
A) Use the tape runner (or double stick tape) to apply a strip of tape on the tab of each white construction paper piece.
B) Curl the paper into a cone shape and use the tape on the tab to secure the cone together.
C) Use the tape runner to apply a strip of tape on the tab of each foil piece.
D) Curl the foil into a cone shape and use the tape on the tab to secure the cone together.
Step 4:
A) Run a bead of hot glue just inside the lip of the foil cone. Caution: It will be hot – you may want to use a towel to hold the foil pieces while you work with them.
B) Insert the paper cone into the foil cone. Match the colors of the foil with the dots on the paper. Use the silver foil cones for the paper cones with the green, blue, purple and dots.
Step 5:
A) Color the silver foil cones with metallic markers to match your dots – 2 green, 2 blue, and 2 purple. Please refer to the color illustration for guidance.
B) Use a dry paint brush to soften any scribble marks left by the markers. Let dry overnight.
Step 6:
A) Using a serrated knife, cut 10 foam balls in half, leaving one side larger than the other. Cut approximately 1" up from the bottom of the ball. Set aside the smaller halves of the cut balls for later.
B) Using one of the paint colors, paint a line down the center of one of the larger halves of the cut balls, dividing it in half.
C) Paint one side of the halved ball the color used to make the line and the other side the matching color according to the chart.
D) Dab off some of the color with a paper towel to make it look like a real snow cone, where the ‘flavored syrup’ sinks into the ice in spots. Repeat steps 6B thru 6D with the rest of the larger ball halves for the remaining color pairs on the chart. Let dry overnight.
Step 7:
A) Have your smaller unpainted foam ball halves handy for these steps. Heat up your glue gun and push the tip of it into the center of the flat side of the larger pieces of each cut ball until the nozzle of the gun sinks completely in. This will create a void to insert the light.
B) Push in a light from the string lights until it is fully inserted, and the bottom of the light is even with the flat bottom of the cut ball.
C) Apply hot glue around the flat bottom of the ball, allowing it to set just a bit.
D) Press the unpainted small half of the ball onto the larger painted half of the ball with the light, pinching the string light cord in between. For perfect placement, make sure the line of color division is perpendicular to the string light cord running across the center of ball. Hold until the glue sets completely.
Step 8:
A) Run a bead of hot glue inside the lip of the paper cone.
B) Insert the foam ball into the paper cone, with the unpainted bottom half hidden inside.
C) Repeat for all the other cones.
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