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DIY@DG | Dollar General

Diaper Cake

Level of difficulty: Intermediate

This adorable diaper cake is the perfect centerpiece for a baby shower.

Let’s Do This!

Step 1:
Roll up all 24 diapers individually to resemble a tube. Secure with a rubber band.
Step 2:
Gently fold up baby towel in half, then in half again and in half once more. Then roll up and secure with a rubber band.
Step 3:
(A.) Begin surrounding the towel with 12 diapers. Secure with a rubber band around entire layer. (B.) Use 12 diapers to create the second tier. Secure with a rubber band.
Step 4:
Stack the smaller tier on top of the larger tier then wrap burlap around the middle of each tier. Hot glue ends to secure.
Step 5:
Wrap ribbon around the center of each burlap piece. Hot glue to secure. Add a bow to the bottom tier using the ribbon.
Step 6:
Mix blue and white paint to create a light blue. Paint wooden letter and let dry. Add a smaller bow to your letter. Glue to the second tier.
Step 7:
Create wash cloth flowers. Fold in half to create triangle, begin to roll up the bottom of the “triangle,” leaving a small triangle at the top. Then begin to roll left side. When you get to the end, tuck the corner of the cloth into the flower roll.
Step 8:
Top the “cake” with the cloth flowers.
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