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Ice Cream Summer Reading Chart

Level of difficulty: Beginner

Want a sweet reward this summer? There’s nothing more rewarding than reading. Well, that and ice cream! Make reading fun this summer with this ice cream summer reading reward chart. Each time your child reads a book, a scoop is added. Once the goal is reached, they get a sweet treat!

Let’s Do This!

Step 1:
A) Download and print the ice cream template, scoop pocket template, and reading log, located at the bottom of the “What You’ll Need” supply list. Cut out the templates, setting aside the reading log and “goal” cherries.
B) Trace the cone template onto brown cardstock with a gold paint marker. Repeat this step two more times, creating a total of three cones.
C) Cut out the cones. Be sure to leave the gold traced line on the edge of your cones when cutting.
Step 2:
A) Place the cone line guide at the left edge of the cone. Draw a line with the gold paint marker onto the cone. Move the bottom edge of the line guide up to rest on the line you just drew and draw another line using the top edge of the guide.
B) Place the cone line guide at the right edge of the cone. Draw line guides the same way as Step A. Repeat for the remaining two cones.
Step 3:
A) Trace the scoop template onto a piece of card stock.
B) Cut out the scoop from the card stock.
C) Use this card stock scoop as your sturdy traceable template. Trace this scoop onto desired felt colors.
D) Cut out the scoops from the felt.
Step 3A - Rainbow Scoop:
A) For a rainbow scoop effect, begin by soaking a white felt scoop in a bowl of water.
B) Remove the wet scoop and place it on a paper towel to protect your surfaces. Apply watercolor paint to the wet scoop. The water allows the paint to easily bleed together. Let dry.
Step 3B - Sparkle Accents
A) Apply tacky glue to the felt scoop. Use dots of glue for sprinkles and drips of glue for toppings.
B) Sprinkle glitter over the glue areas. Flip the felt scoop and shake off the excess glitter. Let dry.
Step 3C - Metallic Marker Sprinkes
A) Draw lines with different colored metallic markers to create a traditional sprinkle look.
Step 4:
A) Place letter stickers onto the poster board. To center the word “Summer”, measure 5" inward from the left and right poster edges. “Reading” can be centered below “Summer” by measuring 7" inward from the left and right poster edges. Tip: Before you start, draw a light horizontal pencil guideline for your letters to keep them straight. Erase when all letters have been applied.
Step 5:
A) Trace the edge of “Summer” with a black metallic marker to make it stand out.
B) Trace around the black marker line with the other metallic marker colors to make the wording pop! For a rainbow look, use the markers in this order; red, pink, purple, blue, green, gold.
Step 6:
A) Use the tape runner to place the three cones onto the bottom of the poster. For perfect placement, measure 1" up from the bottom edge of the poster, 3.5" inward from the left and right edges of the poster and place the middle cone 7.5" inward from each side of the left and right cones. When measuring the cone placement, measure from the tip of the cone.
Step 7:
A) Trace the scoop pocket template. The base is traced onto card stock and the pocket is traced onto construction paper.
B) Cut out the traced pieces.
C) Assemble by placing the construction paper pocket under the card stock base. Fold the pocket’s tabs and tape them to the card stock back with the tape runner.
Step 8:
A) Paint the wooden letters with white acrylic paint. Let dry.
B) Center and glue the word “scoop” onto the front pocket.
Step 9:
A) Attach the scoop pocket to the bottom edge of the poster with the tape runner. For perfect placement, measure 8" inward from the left and right edges of the poster.
Step 10:
A) To attach the felt scoops to the poster, cut two strips of foam tape and apply it to the back of the decorated scoop.
B) Peel the backing off the foam tape when you’re ready to adhere the scoop to the poster.
C) Store unused scoops in the scoop pocket.
Step 11:
A) Stack a felt ice cream scoop each time a book is read.
B) After fives scoops are applied to a cone, top the completed ice cream off with the “goal” cherry.
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