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DIY@DG | Dollar General

Glitter Tree Gift Wrap

Level of difficulty: Intermediate

Now that’s a wrap! Decorate your present with craft paper and glitter for a look that is as sweet as the gift inside.

What You’ll Need:

Let’s Do This!

Step 1:
Tape the right half of your gift with gold glitter duct tape, then wrap your gift in craft paper. (Note: If you do not want to tape directly onto your gift, keep the backing on your duct tape and just secure the ends with a piece of clear tape. Mark your craft paper with a small pencil mark to make sure you know which side has the glitter paper underneath.)
Step 2:
Add a strip of burlap to the left side of your wrapped present. Tape The ends together on the back of the package.
Step 3:
Add two strips of thin gold ribbon on top of the burlap. Again, tape the ends together on the back.
Step 4:
Download, Print and Cut out your tree template with a poster knife.
Step 5:
On the right side of your present, cut around just the right half of your tree template. Be careful so that you just cut the craft paper and do not cut into the glitter duct tape underneath. Repeat this for the desired number of trees. We cut out three tree shapes on our gift.
Step 6:
Fold out each cutout and press down to reveal each glittery tree along your wrapping.
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