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DIY@DG | Dollar General

Goal Board

Level of difficulty: Beginner

Let’s get those resolutions in writing!

Let’s Do This!

Step 1:
Paint 12x16” canvas with black craft paint.
Step 2:
Paint wooden letters and numbers with white craft paint.
Step 3:
To add a shimmery effect, apply Tacky Glue to wooden numbers and coat with iridescent glitter.
Step 4:
Use the number 2 template and attach it to the back of the glitter paper. Cut out numbers.
Step 5:
Glue the glitter paper and wooden letters on the top of the canvas. For visual interest, we chose to stagger the numbers.
Step 6:
Glue the small white wooden letters centered on the front of the canvas. Place “goals” 1 inch below 2020, and “done” 3 inches below that.
Step 7:
Glue jute ends to the back of the canvas. Jute lines are placed directly under the words “goals” and “done”.
Step 8:
Use clothespins on the jute to hang your favorite patterned paper.
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