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DIY@DG | Dollar General

Halloween Video Chat Backgrounds

Level of difficulty: Beginner

This collection of spooky graphic images is an easy craft to make for Halloween! A collection of frames and black chalkboard paint are the main components in this creepy craft.

Let’s Do This!

Step 1:
A) Remove the glass and easel backings from the frames.
B) Use a needle nose pliers to pull out and remove the tabs that hold the glass.
Step 2:
A) Print out the templates that are provided or use your own templates.
Step 3:
A) Place a template under the glass and use it as a guide to paint the black chalkboard paint.
Note: You will be painting on the back of the glass, in reverse. When assembled into the frames, the designs will be viewed from the unpainted front of the glass.
B) Repeat the process to paint the other two designs on the glass.
Step 4:
A) Run a bead of hot glue along the inside lip of the frame, where the glass sits.
TIP: Be careful the with application of glue – if it drips over the edge it will be seen.
B) Insert the glass into the frame, pressing into the hot glue to secure in place. Repeat for all the frames.
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