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DIY@DG | Dollar General

Hello Autumn Pumpkin

Level of difficulty: Beginner

Hello Autumn! Let Fall into your home with this rustic and metallic pumpkin decor!

Let’s Do This!

Step 1:
A) Mix together a dark blue-green and paint the entire pumpkin. Let dry. B) Use the sandpaper to rough up the paint the paint job for a trendy look.
Step 2:
A) Turn your ‘hello’ template upside down and cover the area in graphite. B) Position your template on your pumpkin. C) Begin to trace the template. D) When done, remove the paper. You should see the word hello faintly. If need be, take your pencil and enhance the outline before the next step.
Step 3:
Paint the word hello with the Metallic Gold Paint. Let dry. Apply additional coats as needed.
Step 4:
A) Mix yellow with a little bit of red. Add white to lighten and paint a leafy decoration. Let dry. B) Using the dark blue-green paint mixed in Step 1, add stem detail to each leaf.
Step 5:
A) Wrap the Jute around the Beading Wire and hook the wire at the ends to secure the Jute in place. B) Wrap the wired jute around the handle of the biggest paint brush and slightly pull apart to lengthen. C) Repeat to create a second at a varying length. D) Poke one end of each spiraled jute into the pumpkin by the stem.
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