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DIY@DG | Dollar General
DIY@DG | Dollar General

‘Hey Summer’ Canvas Art

Level of difficulty: Beginner

Hey, Summer! We are ready for ya! Grab a bowl of ice cream and get into the Summer spirit with this fun and colorful canvas.

What You’ll Need:

Let’s Do This!

Step 1:
A) Paint the whole canvas a very light blue, let dry. B) Cut out the cloud template and position it on the canvas, in the top center half. C) Draw around the cloud with pencil. D) Paint around the cloud and the rest of the canvas a slightly darker shade of blue. Leaving the cloud in the lighter shade.
Step 2:
A) Cut out the banner shapes and spray glue to the back of the watercolor paper. B) Cut out each individual banner. C) Punch holes into the top 2 corners of each shape. D) Thread the jute cord through the holes.
Step 3:
A) Paint the large “HEY” letters in a pale purple, leave to dry. B) Paint the smaller “SUMMER” letters in a darker purple. C) Paint the edges of the “HEY” in the same dark purple.
Step 4:
A) Hot glue the “HEY” at the top of the canvas over the cloud. B) Hot glue the “SUMMER” letters onto the pennants.
Step 5:
Position the banner on the canvas and hot glue the jute cord onto the back.
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