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Bee Snack Clips

Level of difficulty: Beginner

Add a surprise to your child’s lunch with these back-to-school bee snacks. It’s going to BEE a great year!

Let’s Do This!

Bee Pin
Step 1:
A) Let's make bees! Prime the craft pins by painting them white. Let dry.
B) Paint the primed craft pins yellow. Let dry.
Step 2:
A) Paint three black stripes across the top of each craft pin. Let dry. Tip: Leave enough room at the top of the pin for the face of the bee.
B) Continue the stripes along the side and back of each craft pin. Let dry.
Step 3:
A) Paint two small dots above the stripes for the bee's eyes. Let dry.
B) With a black pen draw a smile and eyebrows onto each craft pin.
C) Add a pin drop of white paint to the black dots (eyes) for a shine.
Step 4:
A) Measure and cut 1" pieces of silver ribbon. Two for each bee you are making. These will be the bee's antennas.
B) Paint the silver ribbon pieces with black paint. Let dry.
Step 5:
A) Cut approximately 8" of silver ribbon for each bee pin.
B) Tie silver ribbon onto a pencil to create a bow.
C) Gently remove the bow from the pencil.
D) Cut off excess ribbon. Only the loops need to remain. These will be the bee's wings.
Step 6:
A) Fold the 1" black ribbon pieces into a "V" shape. Adhere the ribbon piece with a dot of hot glue to the back of the front pin.
B) Flip the pin over and hot glue the silver bow onto the back of the pin. For perfect placement, adhere the wings right above the stripes.
Assemble Bags:
Step 1:
A) Fill a sandwich bag halfway with treat of choice. Tip: Focus the cereal into a corner of the bag.
B) Twist the bag top.
C) Place the bee pin over the twisted area to close the bag. Tip: Place bee on a diagonal across the twist in the bag.
Step 2:
A) Download and print the banner templates located at the bottom of the "What You'll Need" supply list. Tip: You can use your own handwritten tags if preferred.
B) Punch a hole in the tags with a holepunch or a project knife.
C) Use silver ribbon to string and attach the tag to the bags. For perfect placement, attach by wrapping the ribbon just above the bee pin and tying a knot on the back of the bag. Tip: Cut approximately 4"-5" of ribbon to use.
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