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DIY@DG | Dollar General

Dynamite PromPosal

Level of difficulty: Intermediate

Ask someone to the prom with this dynamic PromPosal!

Let’s Do This!

Step 1:
A) Paint seven paper towel tubes red. Be sure to paint about 1" inside both ends of the tubes.
Step 2:
A) Stick several strips of the black Designer Tape on a piece of scrap paper.
B) Cut out the strips of tape and flip back over to the paper side.
C) Trace the ends of the paper towel tubes on the paper side. You will need two circles for each tube.
D) Cut out the traced circles.
Step 3:
A) Cut two tiny flaps from the black Designer Tape and adhere them to the paper side of a circle.
B) Press one tape flap against the side of the tube so the circle will sit down inside the tube just a bit. Make sure the black side will be showing on top.
C) Carefully tuck the other tape flap down inside the tube so the black circle seals off the tube end. Repeat to fill all the other ends of the tubes.
Step 4:
A) Cut seven 2” pieces of jute for the "fuses." Hot glue a jute piece to the center of the black circle on one end of a tube. Repeat for the other tubes.
B) Wrap the bundle of tubes together about 1 ½” from both ends with back Designer Tape. Tip: Use small dabs of hot glue to hold the tubes together before taping.
Step 5:
A) Draw three 12” lines, having the middle line centered on the poster board and the other lines placed 2” above and below the center.
B) Use the letter stickers to create your “PromPosal.” The pencil lines are your guides for placement.
Step 6:
A) Cut out the triangles from the template. Use the triangle templates to draw the "blast" shape. Randomly alternate the two sizes of triangles.
B) Cut out the shape.
Step 7:
A) Line the edges of the poster with gold Mini Tape. Tip: To have crisp inner points, align the tape on the left side of the angle and the scissors along the right side. Snip at that angle. When pieced together, you will have the correct angle. The outer points can be trimmed by flipping over the poster and trimming the tape against the poster board.
B) Cut sixty 3” to 4” lengths of red Detail Ribbon. Take five pieces and tape together between each point.
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